Parket Flooring

Here are 5 stunning and sophisticated Parket flooring designs for your consideration

Parket flooring evokes timeless beauty, creating a welcoming ambiance and lending character to your space. Parket flooring was hugely popular in the 1960s, but it has returned to the spotlight with a range of options available at One Carpet Dubai.
If you’re considering installing Parket wooden flooring in Dubai to make a dramatic statement in your home, we recommend looking into some appealing styles. In this blog, we will show you our top 5 traditional and stylish Parket flooring patterns to revive the vintage look. Continue reading to learn more.

Chevron Parket flooring has a diagonal cutting effect on the floors, giving them a striping look. Each plank has an angled cut and will meet at both ends. Depending on your preferences, you can install the chevron Parket flooring diagonally or parallel. The chevron style is the nicest because it makes the house appear more spacious and larger.

2. Herringbone
In Dubai, people often replicate the popular Herringbone style of Parket wooden flooring. In contrast, the Herringbone style employs planks cut into rectangular shapes. The arrangement of the boards appears to bring their ends into contact with each other’s sides. This stance reduces movement and increases stability.

3. Bordeaux
Bordeaux is a type of French-style Parket flooring. The thickness of the planks will vary, resulting in a geometric shape. The detailed flooring unifies the design and frames it with a square border, making it stand out. It brings out the nuances of the wood grain.

4. Rusted Sawn
Sawn Parket flooring offers a beautiful grain texture that suits any style. It improves the aesthetics of your space and interiors. The finish has a rustic appearance, with floorboard marks perpendicular to the planks. Parket flooring in Dubai gives your property a natural appearance with minimal embellishment.

5. Square Basket Patterns
Another famous shape is the square basket pattern, sometimes known as the checkered pattern. Combining two colors can produce a contrast effect and make a fashion statement. Simply shifting the darker and brighter colors of Parket flooring produces a more pleasant and welcoming environment.

Parket wood flooring has a versatile appeal for your home or business. As previously said on the blog, we have curated a collection of five magnificent and elegant Parket flooring patterns for you.

As enticing as it appears, installing it may be tricky. We urge you to seek the advice of a professional who can guide you through every step of the procedure. Furthermore, employing flooring professionals in Dubai will give you insight into ideas, designs, and color schemes.

Parket Flooring